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S-Print is a designing and printing studio based in Peterborough, helping businesses and startups invent or reinvent themselves through graphic design and printing solutions. We’re big picture thinkers who design with purpose and a love for the small details.


Designing for print gets us excited about the “what ifs.” We see every printed piece as an opportunity to do something new and interesting that’s completely custom. We view the printing just as important as the design, and work with preferred vendors to deliver the best possible product.

When it comes to your Business Stationery, you’ll want a professional suite that sets you apart from the rest. Nothing shows you mean business more than a completely custom stationery set that encapsulates your business – and with so many options to choose from, it’s easy to make yours completely unique.

Leaflets and flyer printing can form the backbone of any marketing campaign. Whether you’re representing a large national business or a small local company, this media form offers something tangible, which can be delivered right into the hands of potential customers.

Create high-quality and vibrant custom posters for outdoor promotions, the office, and even your home. Look around and you’ll notice that custom posters are everywhere. From cinemas to bus stopsboutiques, and groceries, posters are popular and useful for all kinds of businesses. Though poster printing is often used for advertising campaigns, it is also a great way to decorate glass windows and spruce up bare walls in the workplace. 

S-Print is the ultimate one-stop shop for custom stickers and more. No matter the application, we can help you print custom stickers that fit your needs.

Whether you need custom stickers to brand your products, attract new customers, or grow your business, we offer affordable options to suit any kind of application.

No matter the size of fleet your business has, vehicle graphics/branding are essential to your marketing efforts. Vehicles with signwriting are proven to improve credibility and trust in certain industries and hugely boost brand recognition, not to mention the free advertising each day.

Printed clothing is a great cost-effective way to promote your event, business or charity or simply as a stag/hen do or a customised birthday present. With mid-high print runs, printed t-shirts can also be great value for giveaways and promotions.

S-Print can personalise most garments, with photographs, text and company logos or designs.

An external shop sign or a retail fascia above the outside of the shop or even a sign situated within the window plays such a crucial role in attracting customers that it’s incredibly important that it is done right as customers tend to judge you by your cover and it only reflects on how professional you are as a business A shop sign that looks unprofessional or one that is badly executed will inevitably lose you business. Retail fascias are an interesting division of sign making because of all the different possibilities which range right across the spectrum from simple black text on a white background to 3D back-lit neon lettering illuminated by lights. You really do have a blank canvas to create exactly what you want and the sky is the limit!

When you’re ready to go BIG, we’ve got your back! We offer a wide range of large format printing services that can accommodate your unique requirements. With high resolution, vibrant colors, durable materials, UV gloss protection, and custom finishes you can count on a professional-quality, large format piece.

We take your brand identity and bring it to life, focusing on its core values, providing powerful branding solutions that bring together separate elements: typography, textures and a colour palette to create inspiring visual graphic design and imagery. This imagery takes on all forms and will include a photographic style, video and animation where required, to communicate your brand’s tone and message in the best possible way.

Choose from our great range of window graphic options to find the best way of making the most of your window space. Window graphics are a great way of creating extra advertising when space is tight, ensuring you have an eye-catching frontage to your business or shop premises, creating privacy for an overlooked window, or offering protection from the sun.

Create custom printing solutions that fit your business, personal or corporate needs. Explore all the possibilities for custom printing and get printing ideas to help you get started on your project.

SUPPLIER OF ROAD LEGAL REGISTRATION NUMBER PLATES Our Number Plates are created according to the highway vehicle display of registration marks regulations 2001, which is available from HMSO. Listed here are the key rules on how to display the road legal number plates: All vehicle identical number plates need to be displayed at the front and rear of the vehicles with no few exceptions. All vehicle number plates must be readable and meet with all British standards. All lettering are typically in black over a white plate at the front end and black on yellow at the rear of the vehicles. All necessary number plate background services are going to be of a reflective material. There is separate legislation necessary for the main traditional number plates which were displayed on some vehicles built before 1 January 1973. As a Road Legal Number Plate Supplier, the correct spacing of letters employed for all legal number plates is going to be in the correct font type and size. You should never alter nor rearrange nor misrepresent any of the letters around the number plate, and characters ought not to be moved from a single group towards the other. Offences could result in a fine to the number of £1000, the potential of the registration Mark from the vehicle could possibly be withdrawn as well as in some circumstances your vehicle may well be fail the MOT.


We’re based in Peterborough but always excited to work with clients outside the area. Let’s bold up your brand together!

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